neděle 28. března 2010

Rotary08 - Plasma Caves

Review and download here

Plasma Caves is a medium-sized FFA/TDM depicting a futuristic power plant built inside a mountain, which results in some good mix of industrial and organic elements. The map is best played at 5 to 8 players.

I tried to learn from my mistakes and designed the map with connectivity in mind. There are no dead ends and the main corridor has entries to 7(!!) areas, on various levels. The map supports all weapons except BFG as well as Quad, Invisibility and Haste. Armour is rather rare on the level. Map also supports Team Arena, with nailgun, chaingun, invulnerability and a little secret.

I hope you will have fun with this one - it took me ages to finish but I think the result is worth it.

Download here

sobota 19. prosince 2009

Rotary08 released!

It's Rotary speaking. After all that horrible time testing and repairing every minor graphic glitch you could imagine, I decided to finally release rotary08, my newest quake 3 map. Please test it and let me know in comments if it is ok, so I can send it to :)

Download link:

Thanks! Rotary out.

čtvrtek 22. října 2009

News on rotary08 + Orange Box

Hi there,

just thought its time to update a lil bit. My new Q3A level, "Plasma Caves" is coming out real soon, the whole map is finished, but since the rather non-standard geometry used, debugging is really pain in the ass. Im fighting the buggy beast for months already! Now when I compiled another version today, I cheered up the bugs are finally all gone - just to find out a new one somehow popped out just a corner behind. Argh. This stuff is unbelievable. But I make a new version every day, and sooner or later the Chaos god of Buginess shall be defeated.

Damn, Im in a writey mood /studying International politics for the whole day :F /, so here I share some of my ideas on Orange box, the Valve game pack of these 5 games, which I recently purchased:

1) Half-Life 2 is fun (and the option to have Portal Gun is hilarious - read further), but we all know it anyways, right? Shame is the HL2 Deathmatch is not included in Orange box.

2) Episode 1 has some really neat moments - like the Citadel core reactor or the cliché hospital fight - but damn, it's so incredibly short. It can be played in like 4 hours, and while interaction with Alyx is awesome, the episode really misses story development.

3) Episode 2 is so much better. It is longer, has many plot twists and a climatic ending. The new enemies are great and there are many neat Gravity Gun options too. I really enjoyed this one, especially the latter half of the story!

4) Team Fortress 2 really disappoints me. While the servers are full, the gameplay is bit odd and the graphics are distracting. And why the hell did they remove all the grenades from TFC (I miss hallucinatory grenades). I might just be too used to Quake 3 Arena and Quake Wars.

5) Portal is perfect. Really nice mix of neat science fiction, pretty paranoid setting and logic puzzle. The ending credits left a tear in my eye. Whats cool is that you can add Portal Gun to Half-Life 2 - check this manual or at least the neat video.

I'll eat my shorts if the Portal Gun or some variety of it will not be in Episode 3 :)

Anyways, time to study some politics and make more rotary08 compilations - Rotary out!

sobota 11. července 2009

Rotary_small2 - The Altar *edited*


Review and download here!

Rotary_smallX are my less serious and most of all much smaller (tourney size) maps which I make from time to time. "The Altar" is one of these. This map consists of a square room with a power up in the middle and health and ammo in the corners. But there's a twist - there are no weapons inside the map, instead you spawn in one of four spawn rooms with two random guns. That's an interesting system since the map gets not just more action-paced, but also bit harder to dominate.

It's also quite fun to try this map on a more frenetic, 4-player or so game, or with a fraglimit of 1 or 2 (nice idea cityy!). The map also includes a custom bot Gorgon, the stony badass twin of Uriel. I hope you'll have fun!

Download here

Ow, and here's the random funny picture I didn't have the heart to erase:

(picture done by makani @ deviantart)

Rotary out!

čtvrtek 7. května 2009

Rotary07 - Hypothermia

Review and download here

Hypothermia is a medium-size FFA/TDM map, intended for 4-6 players. Evil deeds have happend in this secret military base; thousands gallons of blood were spilled in the name of "Project Hypothermia". It seems these events have triggered something - one night, demons awake and ambush the station. So get ready for action!

The map has two levels. Includes all weapons (-BFG), quad and invisibility, as well as 3 secret rooms (!!!). Problem is a rather low connection between the levels. LvL pointed to a bot problem, which somehow doesn't happen at all at my pc (good old q3 weirdness). Also I'm rather unpleased with some of the textures I used, but like that matters.

Anyways, I think the map is fun, and offers a small taste of a horror atmosphere. Hope you will enjoy it!

Download here

pondělí 4. května 2009

Rotary06 - Emerge Station
Review and download here

Emerge Station was my first public released map. Flavor-wise it is an industrial military base, full of huge computer banks, storage facilities and the good old green slime. It has a nice green theme.

The map has two levels and is centered around two octagonal rooms with slime (one is on the picture). Includes all weapons except BFG, quad, haste, and three secrets. And some cheesy traps.

The map has its problems too, unfortunately. It is large, so better have at least 5 players around. Also, bots get sometimes stuck in the quad room for few seconds. Stupid bots (and mappers).

The map was reviewed on, thanks to which I get a great permament upload site for it, so download it please there. Also, if you'll like my map, be free to leave some positive feedback behind, that always helps :)

I hope you will have fun with this one!

Download here

About this blog

Hi there.

I made this blog as a place where to post all my quake 3 arena stuff. Yeah, it's kinda late. Geez, I mean, I play Quake 3 since the very first demo, made my first map like in 2003 and now i create a site in 2009. Procrastionation is the problem.

Anyways, I'll provide links with maps and skins sooner or later. Might as well propagate some brilliant stuff by other people, since my maps suck so much. Heh.

Have fun, visitor. Rotary out.